Eva Canning Sessions

Specialist Counselling Psychologist
MAPS, B.A, B.Ed. (Counselling)

The aim is to provide professional counselling at reasonable rates.


Medicare rebates apply for patients with a GP referral.


Rebates also apply for people with health insurance extras cover.


1-6 sessions are helpful for psychotherapy and counselling.


7-10 sessions assist in establishing good inner connections.


Periodic followups can help to maintain gains

Theoretical Orientation:

I believe in working as a team.  Through deep and respectful listening, let me guide you back to your inner truth, your centre, your very own Heart-space.

From an academic perspective my practice is informed by developmental psychology, family systems theory and psychodynamic principles.  I believe in life long learning and professional development as a therapist.  My practice is also informed by Jungian and archetypal psychology.  I have spent time studying mythology and travelled to Greece, Ireland and Egypt, exploring some of the ancient traditions; trusting the wisdom of dreams and the power of visualisation.

Supervision and Mentoring:

With many years’ experience supervising interns in a university counselling service, now in private practice I am able to offer supervision for counsellors, psychologists, and people working in counselling related fields.

People from all walks of life can benefit from an experienced professional taking a mentoring role, especially during times of challenge, stress or transition.

Anxiety, Depression and Stress:

The body, mind and emotions seem to collude in locking in stress by holding muscles tight, restricting thinking, shallow breathing, dampening and depressing the spirit.  Techniques for helping to manage stress, anxiety and depression can involve all the dimensions of body, mind, emotions and spirit through gentle care and attention to thoughts, feelings, habits, wishes and beliefs, desires and longings.  Weighing up priorities, considering values, exercise and eating habits, breathing practices, progressive relaxation. Developing mindfulness practices for clarity, peace of mind, attunement to your Heart-space, spiritual inspiration and intentions.  

With this kind of care of the soul, the body mind and emotions can begin to relax, freeing up energy previously bound in tension, for greater flexibility, and (re)enter a more creative and constructive engagement with life.  Recent research points to the benefits of mindfulness and playfulness as an antidote to anxiety. These are proactive habits that can be created, practised and positively reinforced in the therapy setting, while all the time listening to the pulse, the truth and the meaning of your heart, your goals, desires and dreams.  Building courage through encouragement.

Eva Canning

MAPS, B.A, B.Ed (Counselling)
Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay,  
Tweed Heads, NSW 2485
Phone 0408 344 872
Email: eva.canning@bigpond.com

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